29 de March de 2022
iceland engagement session couple with pijamas and bags

Iceland engagement session

2020 opened with an engagement session in Iceland, in the first days of January. It was a dream coming to life: landscape, waterfalls, glaciers and auroras; travel, challenge and adventure! A couple was crossing the world, from China, and was taking us with them to live this adventure. They would be subject, in between the white, in our photographs. Adventure was what we had, but in a very different way from what we expected!
6 de September de 2017
engagement session porto portugal destination couple wake up together pillow fight lello bookshop

Rising up in Porto

Henrique and Joana are getting married! The “I Do” day approaches and the butterflies are starting with the stomach chills. They are counting the remaining hours. It is time to practice the dance and prepare the speech. Soon they will count the minutes and the steps to the church. ...
28 de June de 2017
love is forever engagement session fog rural countryside silver golden diamond wedding destination chaves winter

Love is Forever

With this gentleman and this lady we do not see love at its beginning, exuberant and energetic, we see it with the serenity and placidness of those who walk hand in hand for 35 years. But that's not all. Without them "Menino conhece Menina" (Boy meets Girl) would not be possible because there would be no Menino. We would be something like "Menina waits for Menino to come and meet her." ...