Love is Forever

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From Noxville to Porto
20 de Agosto de 2017

For more than five years we photograph love being born, love being confirmed.

Among the couples our lenses have seen, this one is clearly special. With this gentleman and this lady we do not see love at its beginning, exuberant and energetic, we see it with the serenity and placidness of those who walk hand in hand for 35 years.

But that's not all. Without them "Menino conhece Menina" (Boy meets Girl) would not be possible because there would be no Menino. We would be something like "Menina waits for Menino to come and meet her."

In this day, 35 years had passed since that other morning when Daniel (yes, the Boy inherits his father's name) and Isabel married. Just as 35 years ago, the sky was thick with cold fog. In the small village of Trás-os-Montes, we traveled with them to the places where they dated, the first house they lived in, and even the chestnut tree where the photographer took them on their wedding photo session. We heard the stories from that other time when kisses were hidden and on the sly but love, this was the same gale of butterflies on the skin.

With this confirmed love we want to inaugurate the blog " Menino conhece Menina".
It will be another instrument to accompany us on this walk which, although already long, we believe is still very far from reaching its summit. There is still much love to see, much to show, so much to learn and to grow.

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