Rising up in Porto

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From Noxville to Porto
20 de Agosto de 2017
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The Color of the Wind
12 de Outubro de 2017

Henrique and Joana are getting married!

The “I Do” day approaches and the butterflies are starting with the stomach chills.
They are counting the remaining hours. It is time to practice the dance and prepare the speech. Soon they will count the minutes and the steps to the church.

In May they were still counting months when they came to Porto. They were coming to enjoy the city and their love and they wanted the cuddles, the looks, the laughter saved not to forget; and to repeat in 50years - that is the promise! Even if with canes on their hands! They wanted to document the love, the intimacy, the joy and the youth.

Is there a more intimate moment than the wakening, the morning kiss or the sleepy embrace? We met them still lazy in the bed. After breakfast between sheets and pillow fights, we ended the morning on the streets of Porto, running from the supermarket where, after all, you cannot photograph, rescued on Lello Bookshop and lost again between lanes and alleys.

They were counting months then, now they count chills… we are almost there!

Photo locations:

Lello Bookshop

Café Guarany

Photography: Menino Conhece Menina

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