Wedding photography – the best of Menino Conhece Menina in 2019

photography in time of COVID19
14 de Abril de 2020

Today is birthday around here. It was on a distant May 1st that we were born to the wedding photography world, when “Menino Conhece Menina” echoed for the first time in the public world, with the launch of our first and archaic website.

Since last year that on May 1st, as a celebration, we established a tradition of our own: this is our New Year’s Day. This is the time when, in our life, the rhythm changes: it is the time when we have finally concluded the work of the previous year and we prepare to launch ourselves to the weddings about to start. It is the time when we can self-evaluate and when there is space to determine the targets and set the goals. That is why, for us this is the day for the 12 raisins!

Being a moment of transition, it is time for balance, time to look inside and to look back so that we can better reach the future. We revisited our work on wedding photography in 2019 and we bring you a selection of some of our favorite photographs.

It was a remarkable year! We were speakers at Luzo Workshop and at Steam and Steel Workshop, that we organized together with the wonderful Pixel and that was overwhelming; we photographed a wedding in Egypt; we were nominated for the 30 Rising Stars list by Rangefinder Magazine. But mostly, we had wonderful people welcoming us into their families, we have shared some of the most significant moments of their lives and we witnessed their love. Mostly, we were able to feel the enthusiasm of all these couples when receiving our photographs and the thrill of, through them, being able to relive the joy and the revelry of that day. For us, the best is really the idea that our work will accompany these people and their families throughout their lives and will form part of their most personal and valuable heritage, together with the grandmother's recipe book, the old father's car…

2019 was prodigious and, for 2020, we had the most blissful expectations! Unexpectedly, Covid19 made the world stumble and we are all still trying to, hesitant, get back on track. It is like if we were projected into a parallel universe with no gravity, where we were suspended. And we all try to find, in the memory of the previous routines, in the plans we had and in the confidence that we will fulfill them, again ground under our feet.

Tomorrow, May 2nd, would be our first wedding in 2020. Had it not been for the isolation imposed by Covid19, we would now be in a busy bustle preparing all the equipment, revising all the routines and taking a deep breath to launch passionately into the new year. But tomorrow there will be no wedding and so we will have to hold our breath, and wait.

We wait gladly because life is at stake and life is greater than any other good. But even so, we already miss the excitement of the bride entering the church and we long for dancing among the guests. We miss it all, really much!

But we trust that, when it comes, 2020 will come glorious, contagious in joy! (not in virus!) All the embraces that are now contained, compressed, stifled, when they can be released… “the arms won’t be enough”! (from Sérgio Godinho song “Canção dos abraços”)

While we cannot jump into tomorrow, we look at our past, we go through some of our favorite photographs in wedding photography in 2019, now one by one, to appreciate slowly:

wedding photography hug bride and father old hands