Almost Four

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wedding in Quinta de Sant’Ana
7 de Março de 2018
Wedding photojournalism – WPJA awarded photos
16 de Julho de 2018

This is a story of Boy Meets Girl and this is a love Story!

It was at the top of a long and arduous stairway that this Boy met his Girl, as in a fairytale: the Girl on the top of the tower, the Boy coming to rescue her into light and joy. Light became a way of life and an instrument of work, collected in time capsules that hold the moment and make the present everlasting.

That stairway seems to have existed in another time, in some other life. The world has turned 3285 times over itself. Our mini-Menino was born. We wait now for the mini-Girl who comes to complete our geometry.

These photographs are the present that we want forever. It is our family seen by itself, three crossed views, over each other. Three! Our mini-Boy already has his time machine that he maneuvers devotedly and with passion. It is his world, seen from the top of his three anniversaries, printed with light and innocence. There is no corruption in his eyes, there are no formulas or models…and it is so beautiful!

These photos are us, almost four, still three. They are us in this moment unrepeatable and, therefore, imperative. Three cameras, three fingers on the trigger, only one heart!

*this text was written on the same day of the pictures. We are already four now and this photographs retain a life that exists only through them!

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