We are Menino Conhece Menina and we are wedding photographer.

We do it in a documentary, emotional and genuine way. We believe that this is the way to ensure that, in each photograph, emotions are real and moments are authentic. We believe that, thus, each photograph is loaded with value and meaning.

On your wedding day, silently but attentively, without conditioning or embarrassing you, we will collect everything: smiles, tears, looks, hugs, laughter, chills, toasts, jumps, dances, falls, kisses. All the time and everywhere, even under tables or through the slit of the door, we will look for the beauty and the poetics of real life.

Your wedding photos will save for the future this part of your life. When the memories start to dissolve in the distance, those photos will be the ignition that will activate your memories and transport you back to that time, to your people and to yourself. We believe they are a precious legacy. With them, we participate in the construction of your family’s visual heritage.
Our photographs will take your grandmother to your grandchildren.

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21 de May de 2021
children hand writting drawing family wedding photography

9 years of wedding photography in a new online home

www.meninoconhecemenina.com matures a little more. It shows in the best possible way us and our work, today. It is simple and minimal, quiet and discreet - just like us! We try to leave all the protagonism to the photographs - just as, in the wedding day, we try to leave the protagonism to people and their moments.
10 de December de 2020

30 rising stars Rangefinder | menino conhece menina

This year and as in 2019, we were nominated as finalists in the competition 30 Rising Stars 2020 of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder. (...) This is one of the most desired and hard to achieve titles in the area of wedding photography, so these nominations make us very happy and proud.
1 de May de 2020
wedding photography hug bride and father old hands

Wedding photography – the best of Menino Conhece Menina in 2019

This is the time when, in our life, the rhythm changes: it is the time when we have finally concluded the work of the previous year and we prepare to launch ourselves to the weddings about to start. It is the time when we can self-evaluate and when there is space to determine the targets and set the goals. (...) it is time for balance, time to look inside and to look back so that we can better reach the future. We revisited our work on wedding photography in 2019 and we bring you a selection of some of our favorite photographs.
14 de April de 2020

photography in times of COVID19

Our neighbor has a rooster! This wouldn’t be strange if we didn’t live in Porto city center. Perhaps the rooster has lived in the garden next to ours for many months but only now we have discovered it, now that COVID-19 interrupted the world and our work in photography, and locked us down. Every time the rooster crows, we laugh like fools, for the unusual of having a rooster neighbor, and our little ones cackle and run around the house flapping imaginary wings. On the living room couch, there are landing strips for our rooster-kids' flights...
4 de June de 2019

cabo espichel wedding

We all have favorite places and Cabo Espichel is clearly one of mine (this is Raquel at keyboard commands) since the time of Architecture studies and the enthusiastic passion for the Survey on Popular Architecture in Portugal. So, when the opportunity to photograph this wedding in Cabo Espichel came up, my heart was thrilled that one more dream was about to be fulfilled!
1 de May de 2019
best wedding photographer 2018 wedding reportage menino conhece menina wedding photography best portugal photographer

our best wedding photos in 2018

And so, in this 1st of May, we look at our closest yesterday, very happy for all the days before and, above all, eager to look to tomorrow. This is the best of us in 2018. It is the celebration of the extraordinary year we have lived but it is, more than anything, a motivational boost for 2019 that has just begun!
wedding photographer self portrait with camera toys headshot Patrick Daniel Monteiro Ana Raquel Pratas

Raquel likes books and words, the crags and the gorse of her childhood village. She is afraid of airplanes but loves airports. She hates goodbyes and she balances on long hugs of reunion.

Daniel is a maker and does not rest until he has invented a solution to the problems that come his way. He loves statistics and probabilities. He has no fears or brakes and he never lacks ideas.

We are Daniel and Raquel and this is a story of Boy meets Girl (in portuguese: Menino conhece Menina).

We are connected by love and life, our little ones, photography, architecture and the Olive Theory.

We photograph together, always!
Two left eyes, two fingers on the trigger, only one heart!

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