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1 de Maio de 2019

We all have favorite places and Cabo Espichel is clearly one of mine (this is Raquel at keyboard commands) since the time of Architecture studies and the enthusiastic passion for the Survey on Popular Architecture in Portugal*. So, when the opportunity to photograph this wedding in Cabo Espichel came up, my heart was thrilled that one more dream was about to be fulfilled!

This is another story from 2017 that was missing here.** But it is such a beautiful story, with so much joy and such a crazy party, that we had to tell it.

How I met Mrs. Feller was the theme for Joana and Henrique wedding so, while reading this post, you may imagine the song of the TV series generic; that is all that is missing because the rest - the hugs, the open smiles and the beer bottles - those were surely there.

The day began at Casal do Frade, Meco beach, with a hammer in hand and a thousand of final preparations still to be finished, but a legion of friends making sure nothing failed.

From there it continued to Cabo Espichel, in a rushed run along the arcades. Joana was shivering as she crossed the courtyard of Cabo Espichel, to meet Henrique who waited, also shivering, inside the church – and so our prediction was fulfilled!

Father Antonio was there to launch the web of words that entangle and make everything gain sense, an art that he dominates as few. The message stayed in us and I imagine that in all who joined Joana and Henrique: "always find 5 minutes to be with each other, every day - this is how to nurture love!"

Joana and Henrique found the 5 minutes of that day right there, at the end of the ceremony, leaning over the sea, surrounded by the wind and by her dress. And then they set off to meet their people to live with them all the other intense and rapturous minutes of their day.

As for us and the dream of photographing a wedding in Cabo Espichel, it was wonderful! And the musical rhythm of the arches that we have engraved in our memory since that other life of ours, is now engraved also in our photographs.

* the architects will understand what I am talking about; even for others, that is a treasure worth knowing

** In 2018 we received our mini-Sofia so we were a little off from the online world... but we were wide awake in life - and sometimes very late at night!

Wedding vendors:

Invitations and stationary: Joana e Henrique (bride and groom)

Venue: Casal do Frade

Catering: Pateo Velho

Groom costume: Ayres

Wedding dress: Iza Van

Rings, earrings and groom watch: Ana Joalheiros

Jewellery: Rocio Porres

Make-up: Carina Quintiliano

Hair styling: Eric Ribeiro

Bouquet: Amor e Lima

Wedding favors: Joana e Henrique (bride and groom)

Video: Sbrugens Video

Lights and sound: Multishow

Tent: Onde Quiseres

Dj: Disco My Ass ft Jorge Naper

Live music: Freddy Strings

Chusch Choir: Trio Edna

Celebrant: Padre Antonio

Photography: Menino conhece Menina