26 de March de 2024

Menino conhece Menina, wedding photographers in Venice in time of Covid19

Menino conhece Menina, wedding photographers in Venice for a day and photographers of the impossible for a week.
29 de March de 2022
iceland engagement session couple with pijamas and bags

Iceland engagement session

2020 opened with an engagement session in Iceland, in the first days of January. It was a dream coming to life: landscape, waterfalls, glaciers and auroras; travel, challenge and adventure! A couple was crossing the world, from China, and was taking us with them to live this adventure. They would be subject, in between the white, in our photographs. Adventure was what we had, but in a very different way from what we expected!
11 de February de 2019
destination wedding aldeia de penalva village sagres algarve beach pool party civil ceremony

destination wedding in Aldeia de Pedralva

Angela is from Braga, Laurentiu is romanian. They met somewhere in Europe and they came with their closest ones to make their Destination Wedding in Aldeia de Pedralva, in Algarve. It was the end of summer, with its long and golden sunsets and it was one of the more joyful weddings of 2017. And this story was yet to be told ...
7 de March de 2018
wedding quinta santana mafra lisbon rural vineyards countryside photojournalism awarded destination photographer

wedding in Quinta de Sant’Ana

The day when Ana and Bennie said "Yes!" had the yellow from the walls of Quinta de Sant'Ana, had the green of the vineyards and of the olive leaves, had the straw color of pastures and paths. It had the white from the clouds and from the loose and lacy dress and it had the black from our look on all this, the look that had found, on the outline of the shapes over the light, the frame and path to the expression of the atmosphere and emotion of the day. ...
20 de August de 2017
destination wedding porto monastery landim cloister guimaraes monument portugal documental photography

From Noxville to Porto

Between Porto and Knoxville there are 6,365.64 km and the sun rises 5 hours later. In Porto was born Manoel de Oliveira, from Knoxville arrives Quentin Tarantino. In Porto the toasts are with Port Wine, in Knoxville with Whiskey. Raquel left from Porto, Craig from Knoxville. They met somewhere in the world... Boy met Girl. ...